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from “The Seven Laws of Teaching” by John Gregory, 1884

The Laws Stated as Rules   These definitions and statements are so simple and obvious as to need no argument or proof; but their force as fundamental laws may be more clearly seen if stated as rules for teaching. Addressed … Continue reading

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Reflections on Texas Senate Education Committee Public Hearing on Assessments 2.19.2013

Frustration was the key word at yesterday’s hearing. The committee heard from frustrated children, frustrated parents and frustrated teachers and the result was frustrated senators. The legislature in order to fulfill its constitutional obligation to provide and efficient system of … Continue reading

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A Short History of Standards Based Reform in Texas

1979 • Congress establishes U.S. Department of Education. • .Senate Bill 350 provides major increases in state funding; requires criterion-referenced tests to assess minimum skills in reading, writing, and mathematics for third, fifth, and ninth grade students; provides for gifted/talented … Continue reading

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Rethink Teacher Training

  May 2009 Rethink Teacher Training by Don McLeroy Imagine a Texas where the words “I am a public schoolteacher” immediately enlist an inner “wow” reaction, where “educator” becomes the most honored and highly sought-out professional title. We can do … Continue reading

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A Great Teacher is What We Need

The Statement of Fact Over the last 34 years, the legislature has authorized five state tests (TABS, TEAMS, TAAS, TAKS, and STAAR,) two state curriculum standards (Essential Elements, and TEKS) and 20 years ago, the state Accountability System—its most ambitious reform … Continue reading

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Why Evolution has Problems #1

Fibrinogen as Evidence for Biochemical Complexity? Jerry Coyne admits biochemical complexity must underlie morphological complexity. (Check out the discussion at Dr. Coyne’s bolg: However, in his acclaimed book, Why Evolution is True, the only specific evidence he provides to demonstrate biochemical … Continue reading

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