The Bible says “God created all life after their kind.”

It is no secret—I believe the Bible.

The Bible says “God created all life after their kind.”

What we see in the world around us supports what the Bible says.

  • We see amazing complexity—this supports the Bible’s claim that “God created.”
  • We see myriads of things that replicate themselves—this supports the Bible’s claim that “God created life.” And,
  • We see all these created things separated into distinct classifications—this supports the Bible’s claim that “God created life after their kinds.”
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One Response to The Bible says “God created all life after their kind.”

  1. Emerson says:

    Yes, this is the Bible description of creation, but other older middle east ancient texts says fast the same. And some of them are much older than the Old Testament. For example, in an hymn to Ra one can read (developed between 2575 and 2134 B.C. parallel to Gen. 1:1-2:4a):
    As the sun dawned,Ra spoke:/I am Khepri the beetle./When I come the day begins,/When the almighty speaks, all come to live./There were no heavens and no earth,/There was no dry land and there were no reptiles in the land./ Then I spoke and creatures appeared./ I put them to sleep in Nun the sea, until there was land where I could stand./ When I first begin to create,/When I alone was planning and designing every creature,/ … /There was not a single creature./ I planned a multitude of living creatures,/All were in my heart, and their children and their gandchildren./
    Paraphrasing you, What we see in the world around us supports what the Papyrus says. But the problem here is that no one believes today that Ra is the one true god (some eccentric people possibly can, but i have no notice of them).
    Other ancient countries have similar myths and it is very interesting to know approximately that there is roughly six ways that the creation myth was thought to have happened in our world (see the encyclopedia of “Creation Myths of the World”): Ex nihilo (from nothing), Ex caos (from chaos), Emergence (mainly to explain human creation), World Parent (this world comes from other world) and Earth Diver (mainly to stress the Earths creation). Naturally some mixing between these different kinds are possible. Even if one choose to accept the Ex Nihilo creation by god(s), one is still in trouble. According to the above encyclopedia, the following cultures have adopted the same ex nihilo divine creation: Arandan (Aruntan), Ashanti, Assyrian, Aymaran, Baluba, Basonge, Batak, Big Bang, Blackfoot (Siksika), Bon (Bonpo), Boshongo, Bulu, Bushmen (San, Basarwa), Canaanite, Cheyenne, Christian, Chukchee, Creek (Muskogee), Dinka, Efik, Egyptian, Ekoi, Fang (Fan), Fon, Gnostic, Guarani, Hebrew, Inca, Indian, Inupiat (Inupiaq), Ipurina (Apurina), Islamic, Jain, Kagaba, Kikuyu, Kono, Kootenay (Kutanai, Ktunaxa), Kukulik, Laguna (Kawaik), Lenape(Delaware), Lugbara, Maasai, Malozi (Lozi, Alyui, Barotse), Mande, Maori, Mapuche, Mariana Islands, Marshall Islands, Mayan, Muysca (Muisca), New Hebrides, Ngombe (Bangala), Nugumit, Nup, Nyamwezi, Omaha, Pawnee, Penobscot, Polynesian, Pomo, Romanian(Rumanian), Samoan, San Cristobal, Scientific, Sikh, Snohomish, Sumu, Swahili, Tahitian, Talmudic, Tantric, Thompson Indians, Tierra del Fuego, Toltec, Tuamotuan, Uitoto, Ute, Wahungwe, Welsh, Winnebago, Wyot, Yaruro, Yolugu, Zapotec, Zuni.
    Even is one discard some as old myths, in the list appears islamic, hebrew and christian. Each one of these three proclaims that his scripture is the true word of the TRUE god. And this true god is not the god of the other two (For example, in the coran, the trinity is denied and the people who make jesus “a god” is doomed) and the “other’s misunderstanding” excuse is always alleged. Would it not be better to figure out first which version is the correct one (maybe one with no book of revelations) and only then proceed to proclaim that this god(s?) took place in the word’s creation?

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