Hobby Lobby decision does not coerce anyone in any way




Bryan-College Station Eagle


Letters for July 3



Posted: Wednesday, July 2, 2014 12:00 am



Our country is deeply divided on moral issues, especially abortion. Resolving the issues without coercion of one side is difficult but that is exactly what the Supreme Court did in the “Hobby Lobby” case.

Had the abortion/contraception mandate by President Barack Obama’s unelected Health and Human Services regulators been upheld, state coercion of some people’s freedom to act on their religious convictions would have been sustained and religious freedom would have been lost.


The resulting decision of the court, however, ended up coercing no one. It did deny some people what they wished, but it does not force them to act against any deeply held belief.


Thank you, Supreme Court, for keeping our religious freedoms for at least another day.



College Station

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