The Evolutionist’ Conceptual Lock

Response to Jerry Coyne’s Blog post: Evidence for Whales

Considering Carl Sagan’s “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence,” Jon Peter’s video fails Sagan’s test for whale evolution; he doesn’t realize he has not presented very much evidence. If he would only look at all of the whale as he looks at a hind limb atavism, he would realize his mistake. For example, when discussing hind limb atavisms, Peter’s observes: “Think about that. Remember, if it is a leg, think of the DNA it takes to produce a leg—bones, muscles, nerves, skin cartilage. That’s a lot of DNA.” I agree. But now consider the amount of genetic instructions and rewired DNA it takes for the transformation of an ancient land mammal into a whale. Now this is a lot of DNA! I do not know if he really has thought about the amount needed.

If true, a creationist would have a hard time explaining the atavism, but the evolutionist actually has a gargantuan problem explaining a whale. Especially, when all this supposedly happened “remarkably fast: most of the action took place within only 10 million years.” (Coyne, Why Evolution is True, 51)

This short critique highlights what I believe is the evolutionist’ greatest blind spot: thinking he has massive overwhelming evidence when he doesn’t. Stephen Gould warned “The greatest impediment to scientific innovation is usually a conceptual lock.” (Wonderful Life,276) I see the evolutionist’ “conceptual lock” as claiming “What’s not a problem is the lack of evidence.” (Coyne, 222)

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One Response to The Evolutionist’ Conceptual Lock

  1. Robert Byers says:

    I am a Evangelical YEC creationist Canadian and found this dustup on the origin blogospere.
    I do insist marine mammals were first land lovers. They only took to the water after the flood. So they came from creatures that were on the ark. They found empty seas and fulfilled Gods command to multiply and fill the earth. The earlier monsters of the seas were dead from the flood year.
    So they changed very quickly. Not by the impossible selection on mutation and company concept.
    Yet mu innate triggers in the dna they adapted to the seas with parts/losing parts as easily as man adapted new colours and other details upon migration to areas post flood.

    Whales. I say obviously, were first land creatures. tHey breath air because this simple trait crossed all KINDS of creatures on the land. they milk their young which the sea creatures don’t do in thier hordes of kinds.
    the bible, proverds, mentions whales milk their young.
    I welcome all anatomical evidence showing they once had legs etc. I undrstand people argue the bits leftover are used for sex. Yet it still fits. They are born, I heard, with lrggyness now and then.
    Of coarse they are more smart or animated then the dull fishes of the seas. Indicating they are newcomers and not like them.

    Marine mammals are the tiny, tiny, group of creatures that really did change their morphology quite a lot. They are not a sample of creatures, living or in fossils , who have vestigial features that prove evolution. In fact they prove by their rarity the abscence of bits indicating former body types that must of been great to justify a fish to buffalo claim.
    Anyways I think YEC is wrong to deny the option or fact that marine mammals did uniquely change from land to water as is.
    Its not a good case for evolutionists to they they evolved or a good case for creationists to say they didn’t adapt to a post flood seas. The good case for all is they changed a great deal in body type from land to sea.
    Prove mechanism everyone. Actually prove it.

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